Case Studies

Supporting Grassroots Action Against Climate Change

Action Diplomacy supported the organisation of the ‘Regional Climate Change Seminar for Civil Society Organisations’ in Panama during EU Climate Diplomacy Week, 12th to 18th September, 2016. More than 100 representatives of civil society organisations from 19 countries attended the seminar, held under the aegis of the Delegation to the European Union to Panama.

The seminar focused on the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the first-ever universal, legally binding deal to mitigate the causes and effects of climate change. Giovanni Di Girolamo, Chargé d’Affaires for the EU, called on civil society actors to form a unified front to combat climate change. “Environmental management protection and education is an area that cannot be completely in the hands of government”, stated Di Girolamo.

Action Diplomacy handled the public and media relations for the event and was successful in gaining extensive coverage from the print and electronic media, including AFP and ACAN-EFE, while two national Panamanian television stations aired the welcoming remarks from dignitaries. In support of the media relations efforts, Action also established the project identity with bespoke graphic design, and developed all conference materials consistent with the needs of the EU.

Our Actions

  • Media relations before, during and after the conference for the effective publicity of the conference results</li><li>Handling media enquiries and arranging interviews</li><li>Development of visual identity</li><li>Development of conference materials with the guidelines of the EU Delegation