Case Studies

Regional Food Security and Nutrition Advocacy Campaign

Commencing in December 2014 and continuing through September 2017, Action was contracted to implement the regional communications campaign for food security and nutrition in South Caucasus, commissioned by Oxfam. The objectives of the project are to raise awareness among the Armenian and Georgian authorities and publics for the purposes of advocating the adoption of a healthier lifestyle. The ultimate purpose is to catalyse policy innovation in the field of nutrition conducive to public wellbeing. The campaign is part of the four-year project ‘Improving Food Security Through National Strategies and Small Holder Production in the South Caucasus’, which began in 2013, is funded by the European Commission and implemented by Oxfam International.

The project will implement the regional communications plan in Georgia and Armenia, with the main services provided including the creation of a regional information hub, combined with the organisation of conferences and video production. The design of the campaign encompassed multiple elements. These included the conception of the project’s visual identity with attendant graphic design, as well as the development, manutention of its unique website and social media. These were supplemented by the development of content in the form of press releases, articles and feature stories. Action also produced and disseminated a regional documentary, supplemented with various other audio-visual products. The International FSN Conference, public signing and award ceremonies served to elicit public interest in the programme’s agenda. Combined with these facets were media trainings and visits. Together, these project elements have sought to initiate a paradigm-shift in Armenia and Georgia, whose chief effect will be lasting change.

Our Actions

  • Campaign conception, development and implementation</li><li>Graphic design, branding and development of the project’s visual identity</li><li>Website development and maintenance</li><li>Content development of information materials, press releases, articles and feature stories</li><li>Daily maintenance of social media sites</li><li>Media and stakeholders relations</li><li>Production and dissemination of Regional Documentary and other audio-visual products;</li><li>Event management for the International FSN Conference, public signing and awards ceremonies</li><li>Website development and maintenance</li><li>Organisation media competition</li><li>Organisation of a three-day media training workshop</li><li>Organisation of media field visits