Case Studies

O.P.E.N Media Hub: Networking, on-the-job training and support to media professionals across the EU Neighbourhood area

In collaboration with the Thomson Foundation, Particip, Ipsos, the European Journalism Centre, France Medias Monde and Free Press Unlimited, Action Diplomacy is conducting work on an €8 million contract, entitled ‘Media Hub: Networking, On-the-Job Training and Support to Media Professionals Across the EU Neighbourhood Area’. The ultimate objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of media outlets across the EU Neighbourhood area to provide free, independent and objective news to the public. At the core of the project is a video-sharing platform for broadcasters in the Neighbourhood area, the OPEN Media Hub — to facilitate content-sharing and networking amongst journalists, editors and media managers. Accordingly, in the four-year duration of the project, the consortium will be organising over 300 workshops and trainings for broadcast, online and print media, production and media management

Training events, including production workshops were started to develop online, print and broadcast journalists. A total of 5,000 TV and video outputs were produced. The consortium also created a new website to attract public and media interest in the project. Supplemented with logistical support to the project’s key experts, the consortium has produced clear and enduring development in the EU Neighbourhood’s media sector.

Our Actions

  • Development of a content-sharing platform</li><li>Organisation of peer exchange work placements</li><li>Organisation of advanced training events and production workshops for broadcast, online and print journalists</li><li>Organisation of media management workshops for editors</li><li>Production of 5,000 TV and video outputs</li><li>Development of project website</li><li>Event management for networking sessions</li><li>Organisational and logistical support to the team of Key Experts