Case Studies

Let’s Meet Europe Phase 1, 2 and 3

For the third consecutive year, Action Global Communications was awarded the direction of the ‘Let’s Meet Europe’ campaign, in support of the EU Delegation to Georgia. Action assisted the EU to communicate the extent of EU support of and bilateral cooperation in Georgia, as well as to advocate the EU’s values of inclusivity abroad. The programme’s segmentation specifically targets Georgian youth in its bid to promote the EU as an accessible entity with a specific and vested interest in the welfare of the country. The several phases of ‘Let’s Meet Europe’ are all geared to ensuring the positive image of the EU in the eyes of the broader Georgian public.

To achieve this good image, Action worked to expound the altruistic policies of the EU, including its bid to facilitate social and economic development in Georgia. This required the development of an entirely new project identity. Action delivered and maintained LME’s social media, in the knowledge that this medium is essential to peaking the interest of Georgian youth. Consequently, media and stakeholder relations were an essential aspect of Action’s delivery. In turn, Action devised publication materials in both Georgian and English to raise awareness and cultivate the broadest possible interest. Accordingly, Action used its considerable expertise in both branding and graphic design to yield a unique identity for LME. These complementary aspects of the project served to bring the EU to the Georgian people.

Our Actions

  • Campaign conception, development and implementation</li><li>Daily running of social media sites</li><li>Media relations and media development</li><li>Stakeholder engagement</li><li>Graphic design and branding the visual identity</li><li>Content development and design of newsletters, press packs, publications and monthly newsletters</li><li>Dissemination of information in English and Georgian</li><li>Awareness raising of EU funded activities in Georgia</li><li>Organisation of media field visits to EU funded projects</li><li>Preparation, coordination and follow-up of conferences, workshops, seminars, concerts and award ceremonies