Case Studies

Horizontal Support to Coordination with International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and bilateral donors in the Western Balkans

Commencing in 2014, Action partnered with Mott MacDonald to fulfil the project, ‘Horizontal Support to Coordination with IFIs and Bilateral Donors in the Western Balkans’. The project is mobilising services to provide technical, management, information and administrative support for WBIF organs, including the Steering Committee, the Project Financiers Group and the Secretariat. These were complemented by wider EC and IFI cooperation where appropriate. The consortium’s services supported strategic and policy innovation, monitoring and communication in the key sectors of energy, environment, social issues, transport and private sector development.

To accomplish these ends, the consortium prefaced the implementation phase of the project with research and analysis, to establish a definitive pretext for both its communications strategy and discussion papers. To supplement these efforts, information systems databases have been developed, together with the design of a project website combined with its regular maintenance. In terms of public relations, outreach consisted in a series of seminars, workshops and manuals designed to increase intercommunication and produce greater cooperation between the IFIs and their Western Balkans donors.

Our Actions

  • Research and analysis</li><li>Production of policy and strategy discussion papers</li><li>Management and development of information systems and databases</li><li>Information exchange, communication and visibility activities including website development and maintenance</li><li>Various capacity building activities including seminars, workshops and manuals