Case Studies

Ex Smokers are Unstoppable Campaign

Beginning in 2011, Action began a three-year contract in support of the European Commission’s EU-wide ‘Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable’ campaign, designed to promote smoking cessation in Europe. Action was charged with the campaign for seven countries, specifically Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. Efforts required Action to engage the relevant stakeholders with the aid of logistical support for all networking sessions and themed events.

In support of the programme’s efforts in these countries, Action delivered tailored media relations, monitoring coordination and evaluation, endorsed by an appointed programme ambassador for Cyprus. Action also organised partnership events with various NGOs and governmental organisations to ensure that these bodies supported this effort to curb smoking, the EU over. Critical to the programme was the social media outreach that Action managed to raise awareness of the iCoach app, which so far, has aided 36% of users to the point of complete smoking cessation.

Our Actions

  • Media relations</li><li>National correspondence</li><li>Media monitoring moderation, coordination and evaluation</li><li>Appointment of a Cyprus Ex-smokers are Unstoppable ambassador</li><li>Relationship building and stakeholder engagement</li><li>Organisation of networking sessions</li><li>Socioeconomic updates</li><li>Organisation of partnership events with various NGOs and governmental organisations</li><li>Logistics and organisation of relevant themed events</li><li>Social media content management