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EU Cultural Programme

In the latest example of Action Global Communications’ work in support of the European Union’s Neighbourhood Policy, Action has been selected as the sole communications agency tasked with delivering the ‘2017 EU Cultural Programme in Egypt’. Action’s historic presence and extensive experience in the MENA region, lends our agency the regional awareness and communications expertise essential to implementing European Union projects.

The guiding ethic of the 16-month long programme, is to enhance diplomatic and economic ties between the EU and Egypt with a series of bespoke events designed to facilitate increased mutual awareness. The events showcase the rich cultures of Europe and Egypt, and by promoting both, the programme’s aim is to increase mutual understanding with the aid of events that are both entertaining and culturally edifying.

The programme’s activities will commence on Europe Day (9th May 2017), with an orchestral concert in Cairo. Subsequent events over the next year include public literature readings, film screenings, a gastronomic festival, contemporary dance performances and street theatre. Each of the programme’s events will be in English and Arabic, with all communication materials likewise, being disseminated through a tailor-made web platform and social media channels in both languages to ensure maximum exposure in Egypt, throughout Europe and internationally.

Together with its experience working with international organisations, such as the European Union and the United Nations, and with nearly thirty years of experience in Egypt, Action has earned its reputation as the go-to PR firm in the country. With a multinational and multilingual staff, Action’s awareness of the Egyptian market is unrivalled and unparalleled.

To find out more about Action Egypt, please visit the Action website section featuring Egypt.

Our Actions

  • Development of the project’s identity through graphic design, branding and key messaging</li><li>Development of communication and visibility strategy.</li><li>Content development press releases, radio spots, information brochures, articles and feature stories in Arabic and English </li><li>Creation of various cultural/artistic events</li><li>Coordination of EU Delegations in the regions</li><li>Media and stakeholders’ relations