Case Studies

ENPI Information and Communication Support Project

In 2009, Action headed a consortium that won the ‘ENPI Information and Communication Campaign Support in the ENPI Countries and Territories’. Project phases were from 2009-2012 and from 2012-2015, occurring in 16 Neighbourhood partner countries in both the Mediterranean and the Near East, with operational headquarters in Brussels. The initial contract value stood at €5.5 million, with the EU extending the contract duration in 2011, to an ultimate value of €11 million. The purpose of the project, was to raise further awareness of the EU’s cooperation with Neighbourhood policy, as well as to consolidate and expand it. The project placed particular emphasis on promoting the various cooperation activities supported by the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI), as well as the financial instrument through which decisions taken within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) are implemented.

The scale of the broader project necessitated the development of an array of communications materials for its constituent processes. Supplementary services worked to support visibility and communication efforts on the part of the EU Delegations, by outlining their numerous regional initiatives. This required the maintenance of in 4 languages (FR, RU, EN, AR). Media monitoring and analysis of EU partnership issues in participating countries. The daily dissemination of information via the website and project social media presence. Together with the conception of both online and printed materials, the provided communications training also proved central to the project’s success. The culmination of the consortium’s efforts, was to improve international knowledge of EU Neighbourhood diplomacy, and also to augment the communications capabilities of EU staff in ENPI countries.

Our Actions

  • Management of in 4 languages (EN, FR, AR, RU)</li><li>Media monitoring and analysis of EU cooperation and partnership issues in all countries</li><li>Daily information dissemination in the 16 countries through the website and social media platforms</li><li>Organisational and logistical support to EU Delegations and European Commission Headquarters</li><li>Running online and print media advertising campaigns</li><li>Developing and implementing a social and online media outreach strategy</li><li>Preparing and disseminating audio-visual material</li><li>Communication training</li><li>Journalistic support to EU Delegations</li><li>Writing and media placement of feature stories</li><li>Conceiving, designing, producing and disseminating printed and online promotional material