Case Studies

ENPARD Communication Unit ECU Phase I and II

October 2013, saw the inception of Action Global Communications’ work providing communications strategy for the EU’s efforts to modernise the Georgian agricultural sector for a period of 2 years. Based on the outstanding communications support of Action, the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia awarded Action, and its partner Particip, a new two-year contract to manage the ENPARD Communications Unit Phase II.

ENPARD-Georgia, is the programme, conceived by the EU, to realise measurable improvement in Georgian agriculture, with particular emphasis being placed on the development of rural producers. Action’s work has been to furnish support to the EU’s efforts, by developing the ENPARD communication unit, contributing to ENPARD’s positive perception among all target groups and providing technical assistance to other stakeholders. This required Action to develop a comprehensive and all-encompassing communications strategy, comprised of multiple project elements.

Firstly, drawing on its abundant experience in the area of graphic and web design, Action conceived of ENPARD’s visual and online identity, maintaining both throughout the project’s duration. These aspects, combined with Action’s work on ENPARD’s social media, proved to be indispensable to efforts in Georgia, because increased connectivity and cooperation are at the conceptual centre of ENPARD’s developmental work. These served to effectively disseminate the project’s aims, which were supported in print by the production of original information materials, including press releases, articles and feature stories. In turn, these project facets are combined with assorted training schemes and workshops for NGOs, as well as on-hand media and stakeholder relations efforts. This catalysed media interest in the attainments of ENPARD in the Georgian countryside, necessitating the arrangement of media visits to various of ENPARD’s communes across Georgia. The maximum exposure of these achievements was likewise, ensured by the production of short video stories and podcasts on ENPARD’s many and forthcoming successes.

Our Actions

  • Development of a successful communications strategy</li><li>Graphic design, branding and development of the project’s visual identity</li><li>Website design and management</li><li>Content development of information materials, press releases, articles and feature stories</li><li>Organisation of social media and communication training seminars and workshops for NGOs</li><li>Media and stakeholders relations</li><li>Media trainings provided to ENPARD grant beneficiaries</li><li>Organisation of a series of media field visits that showcased first-hand the work of ENPARD projects</li><li>Development of short video stories and podcasts on the success of the work of small farmers` cooperatives