Case Studies

Development and implementation of a discount program aimed at raising awareness of the population regarding energy efficient lighting

In October 2015, UNDP Kazakhstan contracted Action Global Communications to provide an awareness-raising campaign highlighting UNDP efforts to increase consumption of lighting free of mercury in the cities of Astana, Taldykorgan, Aktobe and Karaganda. The campaign combined an environmental awareness initiative with a targeted discount campaign designed to incentivise wider public usage of energy-efficient lighting.

In support of this broader objective, Action devised a campaign comprised of multiple complementary elements. Preliminary research was conducted for the purposes of ascertaining the public disposition towards sustainable lighting. On the basis of this market research, consisting of focus groups and in-depth interviews with consumers and producers, Action’s experts identified the extent of demand and tailored the discounting campaign accordingly with participating companies.

These efforts were supplemented by the development of bespoke communications materials, including press releases, articles and feature stories as well as a social media presence which was updated daily to elicit the maximum national interest. With the aid of a well-conceived campaign and Action’s historic presence in Kazakhstan, efforts in the country served to peak interest in sustainable lighting discernibly, even in the project’s infancy.

Our Actions

  • Media relations</li><li>Development of social ads</li><li>Design and implementation of a comprehensive lighting discount program</li><li>Communication campaign conception, development and implementation</li><li>Conducting focus groups and in-depth interviews</li><li>Organisation of a press conference</li><li>Market research</li><li>Content development of information materials, press releases, articles and feature stories</li><li>Daily maintenance of social media sites</li><li>Information analysis report in Russian