Case Studies

Communication for Social Change Strategy on Stigma Against Disability

Action’s Georgian office has been working to support UNICEF in Georgia, in its attempts to reduce the historic stigma surrounding children with disabilities and ensure their wellbeing. In Georgia, disabled children are among the most marginalised groups. Together with their families they face daily discrimination and the violation of their human rights. Studies conducted by UNICEF indicate that more than 40% of Georgian adults regard the stigmatisation of the disabled as a constitutive social norm. To address this phenomenon, Action Georgia is designing and implementing a communications strategy which aims to reverse this by means of grassroots mobilisation. As such, the strategy particularly targets Georgian youth, recognising that they have the capacity to effect positive change for the disabled in Georgia.

The project will seek to arrange events across Georgia, whose purpose is to educate the public concerning the potential of the disabled by showcasing their achievements. Likewise, Action’s events will seek to propound the inalienable human rights of the disabled in order to stimulate revisions in policy, as well as new legislation where appropriate. Events are to include a unique website and social media presence containing resources for children and parents, as well as seminars, workshops and supplementary audio-visual content. Combined, these elements are designed to start a paradigmatic shift in Georgia, which sees the disabled acknowledged and effectively reintegrated into Georgian society and professional life.

Our Actions

  • Development of the project’s identity through graphic design, branding and key messaging</li><li>Development of communication and visibility strategy.</li><li>Content development press releases, radio spots, information brochures, articles and feature stories in Georgian and English</li><li>Creation and manutention of website for the campaign</li><li>The creation and implementation of a social media strategy to create awareness and influence opinion. </li><li>Coordination of EU Delegation in the region</li><li>Media and stakeholder relations