Case Studies

Communication and Visibility for the EU ‘Partnership for Peace’ Programme

In 2011, Action Global Communications tendered successfully for the ‘Communication and Visibility for the EU Partnership for Peace’ Programme, operating in Israel, Jordan and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The project was commissioned by the EU, being represented by the Office of the EU Representative for the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and UNRWA. The central goal of Action’s work, was to highlight and assist EU efforts to realise peace in the region, with the aid of a communications strategy to achieve these ends. Communication and awareness raising activities implemented by Action’s team of experts, assisted the EU in its drive to increase the effectiveness and impact of the EU Partnership for Peace Programme, contributing to broadening support for the Middle East Process.

To accomplish heightened visibility for EU efforts to bring about peace to the region, Action worked to develop a situationally erudite communications strategy for a duration of 24 months. Implied in this objective was the design of the project’s identity, consisting in its branding, key messaging and graphic visage. Action also authored press releases, radio spots, informational brochures, articles and feature stories, made available in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Communications training schemes were also offered to ensure the maximum exposition of EU efforts and the development of local partnerships. The combined effects of Action’s work were twofold, resulting in increased global awareness and renewed enthusiasm for the EU’s efforts to realise regional peace.

Our Actions

  • Development of a communications strategy tailored to the region’s unique situation</li><li>Development of the project’s identity through graphic design, branding and key messaging</li><li>Content development press releases, radio spots, information brochures, articles and feature stories in Hebrew, Arabic and English</li><li>Organisation of communication training seminars</li><li>Coordination of EU Delegations in the regions</li><li>Media and stakeholders relations</li><li>Organisation of media field visits to showcase the work of the funded projects