Case Studies

Communicating reform and sustainability in Philippines

Having entered into a partnership with Spanish firm Equinnocio, Action Global Communications has won a three-year contract in the Philippines, with a total contract value of €950,000. The core objective of the project is to raise awareness among beneficiaries and key target groups, of three EU-funded development programs in the Philippines, which amount to a total budget of €112 million. The three programmes, on Health Sector reform, Justice sector reform and access to sustainable energy, are being carried out in the context of the overall engagement of the EU in the Philippines over the past four decades. Under the supervision of the EU Delegation, Action will devise a communication strategy and deliver its outputs for the duration of the service contract.

The package of deliverables will include the formulation of a project specific communications strategy, including the creation of content for local publications highlighting the benefits of EU-Philippines cooperation. Particular emphasis is to be placed on the cultivation of youth interest in the project’s assorted elements; notably the issues of human rights and climate change. For this reason, the consortium holds all digital media activities to be indispensable to the project’s aims, including the creation and maintenance of its website, together with multimedia content. Further awareness-raising efforts will include the organisation of local media events, including interviews, press briefings, conferences and media presentations. All of these project facets are designed to illustrate the human face of the social issues that the initiative grapples with, and by so doing, to stimulate policy formation.

Our Actions

  • Plan and develop a communication strategy that have influential public awareness potential and implement it through a range of communication activities. </li><li>Create content for local publications (preparation, layout, content management) hence painting the big picture in simple language and attractive design. In this way, the project raises awareness of the context of EU cooperation and how it fits in with global EU priorities, from human rights to climate change.</li><li>Digital media activities (social media campaigns, website creation and updating, with the experience of the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre featuring daily updated news, background information, and multimedia content in four languages and more than 11,500 pages. </li><li>Establish and maintain media relations support, press field trips, placement of feature stories: working with local journalists to focus on the real-life impact of EU cooperation projects on local communities and individuals. Feature stories put a human face on EU cooperation, demonstrating the real-life impact on individuals.</li><li>Organise local media events (interviews, press briefings, press conferences, and project presentations to selected media).</li><li>Development and implementation of social media strategy for the purpose of raising public awareness of the project.