Case Studies

Collection, development and dissemination of successful stories of women leaders in print, on-line and audio-visual media

Furthering its extensive experience in the Republic of Moldova, Action Global Communications has been working on a project to highlight the success stories and many achievements of Moldavian women leaders. To accomplish this, Action has focused upon raising public awareness of women’s contribution to the welfare of society in the various sectors of public and economic life in the country.

With a strong team of journalists and communications experts, Action Moldova is communicating how women leaders overcame social barriers and rose to leadership positions, aiming to encourage others to follow their example. These efforts have required the collection, development and dissemination of successful stories of women leaders in print, online and audio-visual media. Accordingly, Action Moldova identified, collected and disseminated at least 108 stories about women leaders, at an impressive average of 12-14 every month. Action also coordinated visibility activities related to these success stories by ensuring their prominence in the Moldovan media, as well as the Russian-language media for the perusal of the entire public. Critical in these efforts was the assistance Action furnished in the UN’s attempts to enhance its communication activities.

Our Actions

  • Identify, collect, develop and disseminate at least 108 stories about women leaders (approximately 12 -14 stories per month or 3 per week)</li><li>Coordinate visibility activities related to the success stories</li><li>Promote the overall success stories within the media in the Republic of Moldova and Russian speaking mass-media and general public</li><li>Assist the UN Woman's communication activities