Case Studies

Advancing the EU’s Role in Multilateral Fora in Asia

In order to enhance the EU’s diplomacy in Asia, Action is taking part in a consortium, working to deepen extant relations between the EU and its partners in Asia, as represented in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM). The project, commencing in 2017, is serving to advance the EU’s strategic and economic interests in the ASEAN countries by consolidating a climate of co-operation. This is being achieved by strengthening the EU’s engagement in different multilateral fora in Asia. Efforts will consist in constructive input and policy advice in support of effective EU policy making in the three multilateral fora (i.e. ASEAN, ASEM & ARF). Platforms for governmental and non-governmental dialogue in the various multilateral frameworks are to be constructed to enhance cooperation at both the formal and informal levels.

Accordingly, the consortium will also organise and conduct meetings at both expert and leadership levels, as well as various studies and events. Partners in the three fora are to be given regular updates concerning the EU’s relevant activities, in order to better facilitate stakeholder interaction. In order to maximise public awareness, Action is also producing online and print media advertising campaigns, as well the writing and strategic placement of feature stories. Combined with innovative social media strategy and implementation, these deliverables comprise the awareness-raising aspects of the consortium’s work. All other communications materials produced were likewise supported by widely disseminated audio-visual materials intended to render the project as accessible as possible to multiple degrees of interest. These were all assisted by journalistic support to the EU Delegations, intended to heighten transparency and accrue public interest to the ASEM process.

Our Actions

  • Media monitoring and analysis of EU cooperation and partnership issues in ASEAN/ASEM/ARF countries</li><li>Running online and print media advertising campaigns</li><li>Developing and implementing a social and online media outreach strategy</li><li>Preparing and disseminating audio-visual material</li><li>Communication training</li><li>Journalistic support to EU Delegations</li><li>Writing and media placement of feature stories</li><li>Conceiving, designing, producing and disseminating printed and online promotional material