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Communication Agency East Invest 2

The work of East Invest 2 is promoting trade and investment through the networking of SMEs, as well as the consolidation and empowerment of SME’s and business support organisations (BSO’s) in partner countries. The networking is to be accomplished with a constitutive emphasis on sustainable business practices. By means of enhanced partnerships with EU organs, Action is currently instrumental in the stimulation of small business development in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The work will also serve to facilitate dialogue between the public and private sectors in the European Neighbourhood’s Eastern Partnership countries, by enhancing the capacities of business associations to represent SMEs when in dialogue with their governments. The project will support the participation of SMEs in the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) process, while ensuring the familiarisation of business associations and SMEs with the EU Acquis and obligations as articulated in the DCFTA’s agreements. To achieve these ends, Action has developed a series of events designed to generate enthusiasm for East Invest 2 and ultimately, participation. Accordingly, activities and events were specifically designed for SME’s or BSO’s respectively.

Our Actions

  • Bespoke communications plan development and implementation]</li><li>Graphic design</li><li>Website design and maintenance</li><li>Communications materials production</li><li>Social Media development and maintenance </li><li>Networking and dissemination </li><li>Synergies with delegations